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Tasmee : Top 6 kinds of handbags every woman needs in her closet

Every woman has a style obsession. Some love sneakers, some have 20 pairs of black dresses and some women have a constant love for a good handbag. and I am one of them.

Yes! I admit: I’m a purse gal myself. I have collected handbags from all over during my travels, vintage finds, sentimental memorials. I even spent too much money on the bag!

Handbags are an essential component of any wardrobe, and yet with all the options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the exact pieces that are worth the investment. Each season brings new, trendy takes that are sure to make a statement.

In my years of collecting my wardrobe obsession, I have realized that there are truly six types of a handbag that every woman needs to have in her closet.

Head below to see and shop the handbag styles every fashion girl has in her collection:

1. Office handbag

Bags are necessary for everyone who works in the office. For work, sometimes we need extra space for all the material we need in our day-to-day like a laptop, office files, water bottle, etc. All this should fit in your bag without looking like a school bag because the functionality is not incompatible with good taste

– The office bag should be especially comfortable, organized.

– Pick a bag that has ample space. It has to be roomy, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be large. You need to find one that looks perfect, decent, and gives you enough storage room.

– It should have multiple compartments and pockets so that you can organize your wallet, make-up, electronics, etc. in different sections.

– Look for one that has adjustable straps or handle. This will not just be useful; it will also change the look of the bag as per your outfit.

– Always choose a good quality bag for office so that you can securely put all your important stuff in it.

– Always choose neutral shades like black, brown, etc. Go in understated patterns, instead of bright neon ones. Avoid loud, bold prints. Because you will have to carry this bag daily and it should match all your office clothes, else you might end up looking like a fashion disaster!

2. Clutch Bag

One of the most favorite handbags of women is clutches. Clutch bags are chic and commonly used during parties, and seasons like spring and summer. They typically come very handily, that’s why they are very easy to carry. Clutch bags in different styles are very popular that most women have more than one to match their outfits.

– A great tip for choosing the best clutch purses is to think in terms of the opposite of your body shape. For example, if you’re tall and/or thin, a squarish, soft clutch purse is likely to be flattering. If you’re plus-sized, a sleek envelope shape can be a better choice.

– Before buying your clutch, think about the color a couple of times. choosing the perfect color for your clutch bag depends on how and where you want to use it. If you wish to use your clutch on a daily basis, then go for a neutral color and goes with all or most of your outfits. Normally black clutches can go well with almost every kind of outfits. On the other hand for a special occasion get a bright color for your clutch bag to make your outfit stand out.

– A good material clutch can drastically affect the overall look. Faux Leather clutches have a more pleasing look and also last longer. Clutches that are not made of good quality materials tend to look flimsy and shabby and droop down at the edges.

– If want to buy a bag in budget then buy a bag which will suitable for all event.

– But if you want to make collection go with Shima, metallic colors with different shapes and sizes matching on your outfit

3. Tote Bag:

Totes are a woman’s saving grace as they have the power of being so stylish and so voluminous at the same time. You can practically carry anything in an average Tote and no one will suspect it.

Tote bags are commonly used as reusable shopping bags but have evolved into fashion items.

– Tote bags come in various shapes and sizes, and some tote bags are smaller than the other. If you are going to bring a lot of stuff, consider the space that your tote bag can offer.

– A good tote bag resistant to tearing and strong enough to carry every stuff

– When talking about a bag’s material, it relates to whether it is made out of leather, nylon, fabric, etc. It is necessary to consider your bag’s material to perfect your style and even make your bag last.

– You can pick many colors like funky, bright, etc.

4. Backpack

Picking the right travel backpack is an important part of planning your trip. Too big and you’ll have too much extra weight to carry around. Or you might not get your bag on an airplane! Too small and you’ll never fit all your stuff in the thing! Pick the wrong material and your stuff will be wet in the rain!

So you confuse about backpack?? How do you pick the best backpack for traveling?

– The best backpacks are the ones that last the longest and stay in good condition no matter how much you abuse it.

-It should be durable, long-lasting,

– Water-Resistant Material and will protect your stuff from the rain.

– Make sure each compartment has two zippers so you can lock them together.

– A good bag must have different compartments. This way, you can break up your belongings into smaller sections so it’s easier to access and find the stuff you need.

– Make sure you buy a backpack with an internal frame. It not only looks better but the rods won’t get caught on anything and your bag will also be slimmer, making moving around easier.

– Your backpack should have Padded Shoulder Straps so that load-carrying gets more comfortable, as the weight of your pack will also be pushing down on your shoulders. The pads will put less pressure on your shoulders and also help take the pressure off your lower back.

– Backpacks are just perfect for your outings, styling up a boring outfit, short trips, etc.

& hence is a wardrobe essential.

5. Sling Bag:

The concept of having a perfect sling bag revolves around the bag that is good enough to fulfill your daily needs and provide a perfect finishing touch to your outfit. A lot of women find it hard to get the ideal sling bag that perfectly goes along with their style and requirements. But once they get the sling bag of their choice, it becomes one of the favorite accessories.

– Sling bags are usually those petite bags with a long strap that allow you to carry your essential stuff in style.

– A sling bag comfortably sits on your shoulder.

– It is very important to know the reason behind buying a sling bag because they have been designed in every style and by different materials. Some of them have been designed for harsh conditions and that’s why they are water-resistant and waterproof where others are just fancy with many features and pockets.

– Most of the sling bags loved by teenagers preferably college going girls so they should be stylish, spacious, and affordable.

– The size of a bag depends on the purpose for which you are buying one. If you are purchasing one to use during the travel then you must be carrying electronics like a laptop and camera. If you are purchasing it for some college use then you can go for a small one but it should have much space to carry your keys, cash, card, mobile, etc.

6. Statement bag

A killer Statement bag is a wardrobe staple that can transform your outfit. It also packs a punch that can elevate an outfit easily. There’s definitely a misconception about statement bags… they don’t always have to be brightly colored or patterned but instead, have a focus on the unique shape and details.

– Keep your outfit neutral. If your outfit is calm, the bag will really stand out.

– Choose a smaller bag. A giant bold bag will probably overwhelm, so choose something smaller. Big enough to hold the necessary stuff, but not so big that it feels like you’re carrying a neon sign.

– Of course! this bag is not for office use.

I hope the article helps you add more must-haves in your closets.

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