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Tasmee : The Do’s And Don’ts Of Rainy Day Dressing

There’s nothing worse than getting caught in the rain unaware. Going around in wet socks, hair and a totally drenched together is no way to spend your day. It’s just downright unpleasant. Showers can be patchy, which brings about changing temps. One minute before you will feel like shivering and in the next, you will be sweating.

To end this craziness, Our Team at Tasmee is here to put together a guide for simple, smart rainy-day dressing.

Take our advice and you’ll be stress-free!

1. Don’t: Wear gentle fabrics like silk and light colors like white, baby pink.

Do: Go for something stiff and simple in a dark shade cheerful color.

Go for dark colors as rain marks tend to get in the light colors. It also works well to uplift your mood and personality. A long-sleeved breathable tee or lightweight sweater makes a good base for your raincoat.

2. Don’t: Wear heavy trousers

Do: Pick slim pants with a lightweight, quick-dry fabric. Go for black, as it won’t show signs of rain or muddy remains.

When it’s wet pair with skinny trousers or leggings. They’ll hold their own shape even if you’re caught in a chilling gust of breeze. They’ll also dry quickly, which means you have to sit with wet clothes at your desk.

3. Don’t: Go for a flimsy windbreaker.

Do: Wear a longer jacket for full coverage, and make sure it’s waterproof!

Walking in the rain and your thighs get drenched and your umbrella can’t cover everything, so wear a jacket that offers more protection. I recommend a sturdy jacket that extends to your knees. Your jacket should be waterproof!

4. Don’t: Wear tall wellies.

Do: Choose a polished, short pair for more relaxation and style. Traditional tall rain boots can be tight and heavy, which makes it difficult to walk around in the rain. Rubber does not breathe well, so go for boot styles that are short and shiny. They’ll protect you from walking in ponds but won’t make your calves hot and soggy.

5. Don’t: Wear too many accessories on rainy days.

Do: Choose proper pieces that minimize stress.

Well selected, accessories can be your best friend on a rainy day. Keep your hair dry with a warm and cozy beanie. Invest in a sturdy and colorful umbrella.

So these are all Do’s And Don’ts Of Rainy Day Dressing!

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