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About Us

About Us

We at Tasmee.com aim to provide the best of Skincare for man & women.

Our aim is to combine the best of nature and the power of science to create an extensive range of chemical free skin and hair product.

We believe that in the land of Ayurveda, where nature has been entrusted with personal care for centuries, each person should have easy access to natural and organic formulations. 

We strive to discover and understand as much as possible about potent ingredients from nature to create blends that can enhance the beauty of you.

The vision of our team is to help you be beautiful while staying true to your inner beauty.

We started our journey in 2020  and now we aim to expand and help you to enhance the beauty of you.

Our collection is inspired by nature.

For more information about us contact us at Support@tasmee.com

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